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Hey ya'll. 

My name is Molly.


I believe at our core we all want to feel accepted, seen, and valued. I believe in the power of creativity and storytelling to help bring us back to ourselves, to each other, and to humanity. I believe everyone has a story to share and each unique perspective can help us understand each other and ourselves a little more.


I have always been a visual person. From processing my own black and white photography in the dark room in high school, to using any medium of art I can get my hands on, and now pursuing storytelling in the form of a podcast I host. I began my design career in 2023 after having worked at Starbucks for the past 13 years. My time with Starbucks expanded my leadership, organization, and problem solving skills that I have used in my creative pursuits. I recently finished my degree in Graphic Information Technology through ASU to take my art and storytelling into the digital realm.


I love exploring, staying curious, and diving deep to understand issues and develop creative solutions that can inspire and uplift others. Most of my inspiration stems from spending time in the great outdoors, but I also love the intricacies of cities, communities, and the societies we live in. I want to elevate people's stories by listening to understand how I can elevate their brand to create authentic connections with the right audience.

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