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M O L L Y   S T E E N


Everyone has a story tell.  The "why" behind what we are doing. I love creating visual identities that help capture your why, tell the story of your brand, and connect customers and clients back to you.



Whether it's a celebratory moment or a branding photoshoot, I love helping people capture that perfect shot for all of life's events.



My podcast, Creating More, was birthed from wanting to have more intentional converstations with people. To truly sit down and hear people's stories, to dive a little deeper, and to create more of what we want to see in this world.



Hey y'all, I'm Molly Steen. I am a creative who focuses on building relationships and bringing people together. My work focuses on helping people understand themselves and each other better by elevating the stories that make us human. I am an advocate for creating safe spaces for people to be their most authentic selves. The designs I create help people express their truest selves, share their story, and connect with the right people.


I love spending as much time as I can in nature, watching the seasons change, and deriving inspiration from the cycles of life. I spend my free time teaching and practicing yoga, rock climbing, hiking, spending time with my husband and two dogs, and creating fine art.

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